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We service 2 kinds of Eyes :

We have proffessional doll eye makers of paperweight glass eyes. Our brand "GB GLASS" is the most famous glass eye brand in Asia.
Most of the ball jointed dolls of Korean companies wears our doll eyes.
We make 23 kinds of colors of eye for our customers.

If customers need new colored eyes of their owns, we develop customers' own barnd eye with their exclusive design & rights.
We supply and manufacture the acrylic eyes. Our special eyes are guranteed for 100 years not to change the color on the natural sun light. With high-quality ink, our doll eye colors are not chaged its own color and durable.  
Form 6mm to 30mm, we serve you varius colors over 100 colors for each size. We deliver the ordered products in 2 weeks if we have stocks. In the case of out of stock, we manufacture the ordered product in 3 weeks.
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And we also develop the eye for customers own design as a exclusive right. If you want to make your own designed eye, please inquiry by e-mail

We develop lots of doll wigs for doll companies in Asia, US and Europe conturies.
Best quality & Best Price & Best contions of Minimum Quantity 
We make doll wigs for your own dolls. With flexible head cap, our doll wigs are fit for various dolls.

Our materials are :
- morhair
- sythetic mohair
- sythetic hair
- kanekalone hair
- sarang hair  and etc.

Just let us know your doll informations or general informations of head size. We make the ideal doll wigs for your own exclusive design.
The wigs of GLIB's original design can be delivered in 2 weeks.
[picture : 'dollmore' doll with GLIB wigs] →

+ DOLL Accessories

We make your doll clothes as your own design. If you want to make doll clothes goos, please contact us with your clothes sketch or picture.
You can choose materials.
We do our best to sevice you though it is small quantities.
We have our own general design shoes. We deliver you in 2 weeks on your order. And also, we develop your own doll shoes design.
You can choose materials.
If you are the doll maker, we are the best shoes maker you can find!
We make and selll other doll supplies.
- doll stand (MSD, SD size)
- doll eyelashes
- doll accessories (hat, bag, nacklace & etc.)
If you want to order your own design, we develop your products, too.


: Ball Jointed Dolls, Plastic Dolls, Action Figures, Figures, Capsule Toys, Resin Figures
  We are most pleased to discuss with you on your OEM plans and projects.
We can assure you that your plans and projects receive our full attention and confidentiality.
You can find out with us on the feasibility, cost, schedule and any other information you require.

Every stage of the productive process is made rigorously by hand: the execution of the prototype, the assembling, the painting is carried out in the stove; everything is done to ensure high-quality products.

With a complete in house CNC machine shop, weld shop, painting shop, vacuum forming shop, graphics department, and sculpture department, the GLIB art team commits to produce the best-possible quality models.

We supplied the model retailers the models they need and produced the models that model-design companies want. All products are manufactured in a modern factory with the most up-to-date technology, but always with the skill of our labour.

If  you have a model to be produced in the market, please supply your specifications and you will receive a speedy response with a price quote.

You may like to know that we have been working on OEM projects for world-class hobby productors and distributors for many years.

Talk to us and find out more.
We provide high quality handicraft products to customer.
All products are hand-print and hand-made.
This kinds of goods are suitable for high quality users / collector markets.



GLIB art team has over 15 years experience to create prototype model. In past, we have created DOLLs, ball-jointed dolls, human figures, Tanks, Vehicles, Ships, Fantasy models and Science fiction models.

Clients only provide photos, scale / size and production material to us, we can create prototype model. As different product material may make transformed, we can calculate the enlarging size of prototype model.

On completion of the first-samples, we then proceed to make master moulds. From the moulds, we can mass-produce the final products.

GLIB has production department to make plastic Products. We provide the service as follows:

1. Injection plastic
2. Sparking
3. Pad-Printing
4. Assembling
5. Packaging
6. Logistic to Globe
After completing the first-samples, we then proceed to produce the vinyl moulds from which samples using PU are made. The next step is to produce the copper moulds after electroplating. That concludes the first stage. The next stage is to use high temperature to dry and solidify liquid plastics of different densities and stiffness. The process is called rinsing.
We provide high quality handicraft products to customer. All products are hand-print and hand-made. This kinds of goods are suitable for high quality users / collector markets

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