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Kitty BeBe Chiuu
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::: GLiB 19cm Ball Jointed  Doll series :::

Dotories BeBe 



     Kitty BeBe Chiuu     


- Basic set

*Gift event : additional hand parts will be included for Kitty BeBe series 

by 29th June 2018.

Chiuu Head(no face up) +  Body (assembled) 
Life-like acrylic eyes(10mm, random color)

GLiB wig(wig random) 
Dotories certificate card / Doll pouch / Doll box

Please select Skin color and Body type!

Skin color : Natural skin or Snow white skin

Body type : BeBe body(19cm) or BeBe Petit Body(17cm)

Ears : Kitty ears or Bunny ears

*Specially, Kitty ears(1pair) can be selected in the option, ears or painted ears.


[Option  information]

   * Faceup : Basic faceup 

   * Outfit : Basic set ( Hat, Jacket, Rompers, Socks )

   * Ears(1 pair)  : Kitty Ears only(no painting) or Painted ears

   * Full set : Basic faceup, Painted kitty ears, Glass eyes, Basic outfit set, shoes.



If you choose full set, the model set in the picture is arranged.


[Kitty BeBe Chiuu full set Detail]

Doll :  Chiuu (Kitty faceup)

Eyes: 10mm Meister Glass eyes Cobalt

Wig : 4-5" Lady curl Pearl blond

Outfit : Blue Kitty basic set  ( Hat, Jacket, Rompers, Socks )

Shoes : Maryjane white

 *Painted Kitty ears can be selected in the full set option.



Doll Design : GLiB

Faceup : Estebebe




[Size information]
height : 19cm
head : 4.5-5"
foot : 25mm  (GLiB Shoes size 35mm)


[Shipping way]
EMS or Air registered mail shipping available.
We need 21-30 days for preparing doll set from the payment date. 


[Caution]  The doll is pre-order item, the order and option cannot be canceled and changed once the payment is made.

** Actual image can be different according to the monitor.






::: GLiB 19cm Ball Jointed  Doll series :::

Dotories BeBe 

     Kitty BeBe Chiuu     

- Basic set


送BeBe Hand parts, 活动期间,在我网站购物的人"Kitty Buu "

活动时间 2018年5月29日 -2018年6月29日

[ 娃娃组成 ] 

BJD娃娃 : Dotories BeBe Chiuu(不包含化妆)   

颜色 : 自然(Natural) 或 美白(Snow White)

身体 : BeBe Body(19cm)或BeBe Petit Body(17cm)

眼珠 : Life-like acrylic eyes(10mm,  随机颜色)

头发 : 4-5" GLiB wig ( 随机) 

Dotories certificate card
娃娃袋 / 娃娃箱


* Option 选项 : 猫的耳朵 



额外的订单选项:化妆及衣服猫的耳朵 彩色的猫的耳朵


[Option  information]

   * Faceup : Basic faceup 

   * Ears (1 pair)  :  Kitty ears only(猫的耳朵no painting) or Painted ears(彩色的猫的耳朵)

   * Outfit : Kitty Basic Blue set ( Hat, Jacket, Rompers, Socks )

   * Full set : Basic faceup, Glass eyes, Basic outfit set, loafer, 有或没有彩色的猫的耳朵(Painted kitty ears)


**Full set:在包括"化妆/衣服/鞋袜/Glass eyes/ 彩色的猫的耳朵头发"在图像中 

[Kitty BeBe Chiuu full set Detail]

Doll :  Chiuu (Kitty Basic faceup) + Kitty painted ears 

Eyes: 10mm Meister Glass eyes Cobalt

Wig : 4-5" Ladycyrl Pearl Blond

Outfit : Kitty Basic set -Blue ( Hat, Jacket, Romper, Socks )

Shoes : Maryjane white



Doll Design : GLiB

Faceup : Estebebe


娃娃尺寸 ]
height : 19cm
head : 4.5-5"
foot : 25mm  (GLiB Shoes size 35mm)

[ 配送 ]


[ 买家须知  & 温馨提示 ]

发货时间 21~30个工作日左右







[ 付款 ] 美元(US Dollar)

Credit card by Eximbay, Alipay, Paypal(支付宝)

银行转账或Western Union(www.westernunion.cn)









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    We uses EMS,  Registered Airmail(Post Service). DHL, FedEX and or Common Carriers to ship your products. On some heavy items we will contact you by e-mail with detailed shipping quote to your area.

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